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Virtual Observation Systems

The top of San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid offers one of the most spectacular views of the Bay Area. Due to the building's unusual architecture--the Pyramid becomes narrower as it increases in height--a conventional upper floor observation area was not feasible. To offer viewing from the Pyramid required rethinking the whole concept of an observation deck.

InnoVision Optics rose to the challenge by creating a system that linked four miniature remote controlled color video cameras nested at the top of the building's spire. Complete with 12X zoom lenses and mini remote control heads, they offer a full range of camera motion and zoom for a 360° spectrum. 50,000' of cable runs through the center of the Pyramid and down to the ground level, where it feeds into viewing kiosks with large-screen monitors. InnoVision's Virtual Observation system allows visitors to not only view, but actually have the ability to move the cameras up, down, left, right, and to zoom in and out creating their own San Francisco experience. In addition, the local NBC TV affiliate KRON routinely links to the cameras for on-air weather reports. The images are currently available via the Internet at www.sfgate.com/liveviews/.

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