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Z-Jib Arm Fly Your Camera In All Directions

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Instantly acheive new camera positions, from below ground level to 8' or 11' overhead or rotate anywhere in a 16' or 22' circle. Get weightless control of your camera with Z-Jib.


Z-Jib's unique design permits weightless control of the camera. Suspended by a unique arm, the camera can go from below ground level to 8' or 11' overhead. Fully extended, the arm can rotate in a 16' or 22' circle. Once the unit is set, many new positions can be achieved instantly.

The Z-Jib Arm allows up to 11' of reach from the base. Designed to support loads up to 130 lbs., the unit is ready to accept a camera package, as well as a standard fluid head or other pan and tilt devices. Innovision offers a weaver-steadman underslung-type head for the ultimate in continuous fluid moves.

The unit sets up from packed cases to full rigging in about 20 minutes. Innovision offers free set-up training. The unit comes packed in 2 cases weighing 350 lbs each, plus a weight cart with counterbalance weights.

Constructed of the finest composite aircraft materials, the Z-Jib is built to withstand the most rugged shooting situations.


- Designed for popular dollies such as Chapman, Fisher 10.
- Works with underslung-type fluid head.
- No special technician required.
- Free assembly training.
- Requires at least 20' of battery & camera cabling to reach from your camera's base to the yoke.

Download the Product Sheet in PDF format (Requires PDF Reader)

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