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Table Manners Lightweight Miniature Grip Equipment

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Solve your big lighting problems with these little pieces of grip equipment.


These lightweight grip stands can be used for numerous applications from holding lights, flags, Nets , Silks showcard or foamcore.

The pieces are constructed of Aluminum and are black anodized. This is the most compact and lightweight system available on the market designed specifically for tabletop applications.

The Single Stand includes one baseplate, one 8" rod, one 14" rod, two clamps, one 5/8" spud and one small flex mount.

The Pro Kit includes five baseplates, three 8" rods, seven 14" rods, ten clamps, four 5/8" spuds, three flex mounts and a Doskocil case.

The Deluxe Kit includes ten baseplates, five 8" rods, fifteen 14" rods, twenty clamps, three 5/8" spuds, four flex mounts and a Doskocil case.

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