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Camera tracking system for full-size cameras.


Over the past twelve years, Innovision Optics has been on the leading edge of the development of shuttle systems and has installed systems worldwide. 

Innovision installed the Shuttle System for E! Entertainmentís Howard Stern Show. At 60 feet, this particular system combines a Vinten pan and tilt head with Innovisionís standard shuttle trading platform.

Innovision has installed a 120ft track Super Suttle system for TV Globo in Sao Paolo. TV Globo is Brazilís biggest television network. It is the fourth largest commercial network in the world and broadcasts the national news.

Innovision installed the Super Shuttle into CNNís Headline News Studio in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Shuttle enabled CNN to open their half hour news report with a panning view of the bustling CNN newsroom. The CNN shuttle travels at a speed of up to 1.5 meters per second along a 102-foot curved monorail track that spans three separate studios.  CNNís system features two separate control panels located in different studios. Each control panel includes pre-programmed functions and a position indicator that shows the shuttleís location on an LED display.

According to CNNís Robotics supervisor Steve Hozapfel, ďThe system allowed us to preprogram 3 or 4 different moves, including movement along the track as well as panning (up to 350-degrees) and zooming.  We never had to reset the shot because it was stored in the memory.  After programming it once, we just hit the button.Ē When asked about Innovisionís service support Steve Holzapfel was unable to comment because 5 years after installation the system has never needed service.

Ola Khristoffersen, CNNís Audio/Robotics Operator states, ďThe Shuttle allows greater variety and gives me more creativity.  And because of the curved track we have greater options and capabilities.Ē

Several years ago, Innovision worked with Nippon Television Network (NTV), one of the leading broadcasting networks in Japan and the world, to install the Shuttle System into NTVís brand new broadcasting center in Tokyo. The system at NTV can travel up to 2 meters per second and, like CNNís system, includes two separate video control rooms that enable operators to switch off between each other.  Unlike other shuttle systems, the NTV shuttle comes with all five axes pre-programmed to repeat on-air broadcast camera movements with marked precision.  Shaped like a horseshoe in profile and spanning 240- feet, the NTV shuttle track is the longest that Innovision has built to date.

More recently, Innovision installed a Super Shuttle at King World's studios in New York for the Rachael Ray show.

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