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What is the Innovision Shuttle Camera Tracking System?

The Innovision Shuttle Camera Tracking System (Shuttle System) is a moving platform that transports a remote-operated camera along a track mounted to the ceiling or wall.  The Shuttle System is capable of up to six axes of movement, including pan, tilt, focus, zoom, shuttle, and vertical movement.  The Shuttle System creates shots from any location along the track.  It also allows the camera to fly over a studio or multiple rooms. Designed with programmable positions, the Shuttle includes all axes and camera functions. Operators need only hit the correct button to send the camera along the track to create the desired shot.  The Shuttle System can travel along a straight or custom curved track at variable speeds and hit programmed coordinates with pinpoint precision. In some locations, the Shuttle System operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We offer several different types of shuttle systems to meet the needs of any customer regardless of how big your studio may be or how small your budget may be. Below is a simple comparison chart showing the differences between the three systems.

Model Track Length Minimum. Radius Speed Drop Width
Mini Shuttle up to 100ft
(30 m)
10 feet
(3 m)
3 feet/sec
(1 m/sec)
25 inches
(63 cm)
23 inches
(58 cm)
Z-Shuttle up to 200ft
(60 m)
20 feet
(6 m)
5 feet/sec
(1.5 m/sec)
36-110 in.
(0.9-2.8 m)
53 inches
(1.34 m)
Super Shuttle up to 300ft
(90 m)
10 feet
(3 m)
7 feet/sec
(2 m/sec)
36 inches
(91 cm)
19 inches
(48 cm)

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