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Innovision presents the Railcams––our
remote–controlled camera tracking system––which allows the camera to "fly" around, above and through large spaces quickly, quietly and smoothly.


Railcams is an easy–to–operate tracking system that is mounted from a lighting grid or truss, with the camera underslung from the track, utilizing the CAMS MD Pan & Tilt Head System. The Pan–Bar control system features five axes of control, and a separate foot pedal moves the camera platform along the track. This innovative, manually controllable system does not require lengthy training or the need for a special technician, yet provides perfectly controlled shots, every time.

Railcams is equipped with up to 100 feet of track––both straight and curved. The system has automatic progressive slowing and soft braking at the end of the track, providing simple safe stops. Railcams speed is also fully controllable, from a slow crawl to a maximum speed of 8 feet per second.

Railcams is perfect for live events, and television and commercial production.

Key Specifications

Maximum camera weight: 44 lbs. or lighter

Five axes of movement: pan, tilt, zoom, focus and tracking

Railcams speed: up to 8 feet per second

Track piece information: straight track – 10 feet long;
curved track – 90° curve

Automatic slowdown/stop, with progressive slow braking

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