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Make your camera move - traveling under the axle of a moving van, dashing through the legs of a skater, or following the path of a bowling ball. Radcam creates high-speed, low-angle views. InnoVision's remote controlled miniature camera car has been used in a variety of features and commercials.


Completely wireless, Radcam is capable of moving fast enough to keep pace with a sprinting dog. Fully adjustable four wheel independent suspension lets it move just as quickly over rough or uneven terrain. Speed and steering are controlled by a radio controller.

The Radcam® accepts a variety of film & digital cinema cameras cameras for high-speed, low-angle action.
Operators can adjust lens angle from as low as 4" above ground. Wireless focus control is also available.
Check out the 2012 Chevy Sonic commercial with Rob Dyrdek. The slow motion jump sequence was shot with the Innovision Radcam.
Watch the full commercial.
Key Specifications


Compatible Cameras: Red One, Epic, Arri Alexa, IIC, III, 435, SRIII, Panavision Millennium, Gzap, Eyemo, DSLR's and most professional broadcast video cameras

Camera Load Capacity: 35 lbs.

Minimum Lens Height: 4" to center of lens

Speed: Max. 15 mph forward


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