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Radcam DV Remote control camera car for video.

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Radcam's ability to create high-speed, low-angle views adds enormous production value to video shoots. Ideal for action sequences or establishing an animal's point of view, InnoVision's miniature remote camera car has been used in toy commercials and music videos to offer points of view that were not available in any other way.


Completely wireless, Radcam is capable of moving fast enough to keep pace with a sprinting dog. Fully adjustable four wheel independent suspension lets it move just as quickly over rough or uneven terrain. Speed and steering are adjusted via radio controller.

Radcam® DV: The Radcam DV incorporates a remote-controlled camera and on-board DVC recorder to capture high-speed, low-angle action. Radcam DV can achieve speeds surpassing 20mph and has a turning radius of 30". Lens height can be adjusted from 1" to 12" above ground level.

Key Specifications

Format: Mini DV

Compatible Camera: Sony XC-999, Toshiba IK-TU 40A coming soon

Lens Height: 1" to 12" off ground

Speed: 20 mph forward

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