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Radcam 35 Remote control camera car for 35mm..

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Take your audience on a journey with a new remote-controlled perspective - traveling under the axle of a moving van, dashing through the legs of a skater, or following the path of a traveling bowling ball.


Completely wireless, Radcam is capable of moving fast enough to keep pace with a sprinting dog. Fully adjustable four wheel independent suspension lets it move just as quickly over rough or uneven terrain. Speed and steering are adjusted via radio controller.

Radcam® 35: InnoVision's most compact car, Radcam 35 brings speed, freedom, and maneuverability to 35mm productions. The Radcam 35 is equipped with a modified Arri 2C high-speed camera and comes with a PL mount to accept popular prime lenses. Radcam 35 is capable of speeds up to 20mph and has a turning radius of 48". Lens height is adjustable from 4" above ground level. Optional wireless focus/control.

Key Specifications

Format: 35mm

Compatible Camera: Modified Lightweight Arri IIC

Minimum Lens Height: 4" off ground

Lens Mount: Arri PL

Speed: Max. 15 mph forward

Download the Product Sheet in PDF format (Requires PDF Reader)

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