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Probe II Tubular Lens System for Superior Quality Film & Video Work.

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Roam over, under, around, or even through objects, unleashing a novel range of tabletop shooting possibilities.


Innovision's Probe II is developed especially for shooters whose projects require long tubular lenses and higher resolution images.

The Probe II features high resolution glass elements and relay optics for images with remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness, flat field, and extreme depth of field. State-of-the-art multiple coatings provide sharp, low dispersion images. The Probe II comes in 35mm film and Video/16mm versions. The Video/16mm Probe II easily covers Super 16, as well.

Probe II lenses come with a set of five interchangeable front objectives. The Probe II for 35mm film work, rated at T5.6, provides focal lengths ranging from 9-40mm. The 16mm/video unit offers a range of focal lengths from 5-24mm with a speed of T2.8.

Interchangeable lens mounts offer simple adaptation to most professional cameras.

Probe lenses accept 40.5mm filters. For hands-off focus, Innovision offers an optional remote follow focus.

Key Specifications

Speed: 35mm - T5.6, Video/16mm - T2.8

Barrel Diameter: 1.7" (43.2mm)

Length: 35mm - 18" (46cm), Video/16mm - 16" (41cm)

Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6kg)

Housing: Constructed of aircraft aluminum with durable black anodized exterior.

Optional Accessories: Remote focus control, an assortment of 40.5mm filters,Camera mounts for all common cameras, shipping cases.

Download the Product Sheet in PDF format (Requires PDF Reader)

Dimensioned Drawings

Video/16mm Probe II

35mm Probe II

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