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Manske Slider Precision Camera Slider

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The MANSKE Precision Linear Bearing Track is the “camera slider “ of choice for cinematographers that demand precision camera movement.


What makes it different then all the others? It was designed and built by EMMY award winning D.P. Gary C. Manske. Having spent over twenty five years as a commercial cinematographer specializing in tabletop and macro efx work, he developed the track for “real world” precision cinematography. The main design elements are based on ultra smooth movement, low profile and versatility.

Ultra smooth movement is the primary objective in the design. Precision cinematography requires vibration free movement, and is essential when using macro or extreme telephoto lenses. The main carriage is built upon four specialized pillow blocks each containing over 80 ball bearings. The track they travel on is 1060 steel shafts that are hard chromed and center ground to within .0008 of an inch. This provides a traveling surface that is super smooth.

Low profile is the second objective in the design. Unlike the other sliders, this track was designed to be very low profile. Both the track base and the carriage are designed so the lens can get as close to the surface as possible. The mantra of tabletop cinematography is “low and wide” and the design of this track was to make it several inches thinner then all the others. This gets the lens lower for more dramatic shots. The low profile of the track also makes it easier to get a camera into tight interiors like cars by effectively increasing the headroom.

Versatility is the third objective in the design. The 48 inch track length is optimal for most applications. It can be easily used on stage, locations, cars, boats and any other space that a camera move is important with a minimal footprint. The base has 360° of smooth rotation, which allows for arcing, compound moves, or can be locked in any position. It can be mounted onto any dolly, tripod or hi hat with a Mitchell mount, and the track incorporates the Cardellini Head Lock for a super quick attachment.

The carriage has a standard Mitchell mounting plate that sits atop 1” risers to maintain the low profile. The track also has six threaded holes for baby pins to be installed. These can be used in conjunction with stands to increase stabilization on the dolly or for specialized rigging requirements. It can be used in any position including horizontal, under-slung or vertical. It also has a redundant brake system for positive locking.

And lastly, the track also has a ruled edge indicated in both imperial and metric, which allows for precise, repeatable moves. The MANSKE Precision Linear Bearing Track, with it’s simple, elegant and thoughtful design, was built for the true needs of professional cinematographers. It is guaranteed to expand the visual opportunities on any shoot.

Key Specifications

- Mitchell mounting for use with popular tripods, dollies and heads .
- No assembly required, ready-to-use right out of the case.
- 48" overall length gives 38 inches of actual movement.
- Weighs 37 Lbs

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