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Our unique lenses allow you to photograph in tight spaces where a conventional camera would never fit. We have several different lenses depending on your specific needs.


InnoVision's tubular lenses: the 6000 series, Probe I, Probe II and Probe II Plus offer todays cameraperson the ability to shoot in places a camera has never been before. Whether you are shooting a simple product shot and you want to make a soup can look like a rocketship, or you are shooting a single aspirin tablet and you want to show the texture of the pill, we have a lens that wil do the job.

6000 Series

Probably the most unique lens barrel system commercially available, each lens features: a 9/16 diameter x 18 long lens barrel. The diagram illustrates the array of viewing angles available including: Direct, 45, and 90 for optimum viewing even in hard-to-reach locations. The optics are made of high-resolution laser cut and polished glass components to suit the needs of cinema and video production. There is a fiber optic lightsource that feeds an intergal ring light at the front element that will minimize lighting problems while shooting at absolute minimum focus of 1mm. Fully sealed, the 6000 Series Lens barrels are immersible in liquids such as: oil-based fuels, mineral oils or salt water. This lens is best suited to extreme macro photography while shooting objects from microchips to fingernails and skin texture. The 6000 Series was one of the first Endoscopic lenses available to the film and video prefessional, preceeded by our MK I and 5000 series lenses. MK I, 5000 and 6000 series use lenses from the medical field combined with our own focusing relay and enlarging optics that allow the lenses to work on motion picture cameras.

Probe I

Probe Is unique design incorporates a 19 long by 1.3 diameter lens barrel which lets you move further inside or closer along-side a product than with conventional lenses. Now you can shoot over, under, around & through objects with extreme depth of field. The Probe lens system offers viewing in either direct or 90° angles. Available in 35mm film and Video/16mm versions, both provide interchangeable front objectives in a variety of focal lengths. This lens is best suited for general purpose tabletop work including food and product where higher t-stops are not a problem. The Probe I lenses were Innovision's First tubular lens completely designed for Film and video use. The optics are much larger in diameter, allowing a much lower t-stop when compared to a 6000 series lens.

Probe II

Innovision's Probe II is developed especially for shooters whose projects require long tubular lenses and higher resolution images. The Probe II features high resolution glass elements and relay optics for images with remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness, flat field, and extreme depth of field. State-of-the-art multiple coatings provide sharp, low dispersion images. Using a completely new Optical and mechanical design, the Probe II lenses allow for even larger internal glass elements that give faster speeds than previous lenses. Probe II is currently the most popular tabletop lens and is available from major rental houses all over the world. Probe II lenses are waterproof to within 1/2" of the focus ring.

Probe II Plus

InnoVision's newest lens, the Probe II Plus offers superior optics and light transmission for ultra-high resolution, while the system's unique periscope attachment lets operators shoot from an ultra-low perspective. The Probe II Plus is available in interchangeable Straight and 90° Periscope attachments. Completely waterproof to the focus ring, the Probe II Plus is ideal for feature films and hi def production.

Key Specs

35mm Cine
Focal length
Focal length
6000 Series T45 Fixed 30mm T30 Fixed 20mm
Probe I T16 10mm-100mm T8 5mm-60mm
Probe II T5.6 9mm-40mm T2.8 5mm-24mm
Probe II+ T6.3 9mm-40mm T4 5mm-24mm
HD Probe N/A HD use only T3.3 5mm-23mm

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