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Fiber Optics Featuring Lumenyte high quality fiber optic lighting.

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The brightness of neon in a flexible, lightweight and & durable lighting system.


InnoVision's flexible ultra-bright Fiber Optic Cable and Light Source is ideal for studio, stage, underwater, and architectural lighting. The system provides end point and linear illumination. Filters within the light source offer a range of colorful gradients and effects. Available in an array of different diameters and configurations.

Fiber Optic lighting is ideal for: stage lighting; product highlighting; special effects; set design; signage; display backlighting. Ideal substitute for neon.

Key Specifications

Core Sizes:  3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2".

Length:  70' unspliced. May be spliced for longer lengths.

Varieties:  flexible, semi-flexible.

Light Source Power:  Selectable, 120V/60Hz or 240V/60Hz.

Light Source Types:

Quartz Halogen:  150W, 6000Hr. ARH* or 250W, 2000Hr. ARH.

Metal Halide:  150W, 6000 Hr. ARH.

Colored Glass Dichroic Filters:

Colors:  Amber, aqua, blue, hot pink, ice blue, lime green, magenta, violet, yellow, white, etc.

*Average Rated Hours

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