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DedoCools Low temperature lighting for high speed photography.

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The brightness of Dedolights without the heat.


Dedocools are ideal for product highlighting and special effects. Each lamp head features dichriotic glass lenses that pull the heat from the light, giving you a lightsource that will not melt your ice cream or plastic products. Gone are the days of turning on the lights and the camera really quick to get the shot before the product starts to drip. These lights were originally designed for shooting high speed photography where a T128 to T512 may be necessary in a small area to properly expose film.

Key Specifications

Length:  11".

Height:  5.6"

Width:  3.6"

Light Source Power:  Selectable, 120V/60Hz or 240V/60Hz.

Light Bulb Type: 24V 250W Quartz Halogen ELC Type

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