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The C.A.T. (Camera Along Track) system is the newest camera tracking system from Innovision.


Now dentists looking to improve their surgical skills or learn more about new techniques can visit the redesigned Nobel BioCare multimedia training center in Yorba Linda, California. At the heart of center, is the surgical suite on stage in front of a large auditorium. Here dental surgical procedures are captured on video and projected live to the professional audience.

Innovision Optics replaced the overhead surgical light/camera with Innovision's new Hover Cam robotic camera tracking system mounted in the ceiling above the dental chair. Now professional audiences can view close up procedures from any camera angle above the oral surgeon/dentist. Remote control operation allows the camera to move forward/backward and left or right. Innovision's H shaped, cable driven Hover Cam is a servo positioning system configured in a 10 ft. long 8 ft. wide rectangle. A special 20x1 zoom lens for macro photography is mounted to a miniature digital cube camera. Steve Forester, Visual Technologies Manager, controls pan, tilt, and tracking axes from a single joystick at the rear of the auditorium for presentations in the building and remote locations. Aluminum tracks for the C.A.T. system can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or the floor surface. The C.A.T. system camera platform glides smoothly to its next position along the track using various controllers. Lightweight materials make the C.A.T. system easy to install and affordable.

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