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Computer Aided Movie System

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Modular Digital remote camera systems.


Innovision Optics introduces the CAMS MD Remote Camera Head System. Developed by Movie Engineering, the CAMS MD is the most modular and versatile camera tracking system ever created to date.
The new CAMS MD achieves digital precision with total fluidity in camera movements. This robotic system provides complex remote pan, tilt, and tracking shots, and is capable of 360 degree camera rotation. Wireless camera heads allow a cameraperson to operate the camera from a distance with total control.
Designed for use on jib arms, cranes or overhead/floor rails, operators can control the CAMS MD master head with a choice of panhandles, a joystick or hand wheels, while viewing shots on a video monitor.

Two CAMS remote heads installed on the balcony of the New York City Opera.

CAMS MD unique attributes

  • Water-Resistant, lightweight and compact: extremely easy to transport and set up on site.
  • There is no need for bulky cable bundles, as the CAMS MD requires only a twisted pair or standard telephone type cable for operation. Data can also be carried on audio or video type cables if your location already has them installed.
  • The 17-lb. CAMS MD head is compatible with most popular portable cameras.
  • The CAMS MD head allows generous room through each axis of movement to install triax cable or any other video or CCU cables without noise inducing slip rings.
  • A unique multi-camera drive feature allows for several cameras to be linked and operated simultaneously.
  • Camera movements can be stored and repeated for future reiterated use.
  • The CAMS MD requires no special skills, is easy to learn and use, and can be mastered in mere minutes.

The CAMS MD represents the next step in the technological advancement of remote camera control.  Let us bring that extra edge to your next job.

Past CAMS MD Credits

  • Superbowl XXXV
  • World Cup Soccer
  • NASCAR Racing
  • Large college sporting events:
    -   Football
    -   Basketball
    -   Water polo
    -   Award shows
  • Used in Europe for over 10 years:
    -   Freestyle Skiing competition in Engelberg, Switzerland
    -   Pavarotti opera performance at La Scala
    -   Miss Italia Pageant
    -   Pavarotti & Friends benefit concert
    -   Many other important TV events throughout Europe

Key Specifications

Weight: 17 lbs.

Control Distance: 5 Feet to 10,000 Feet

Power requirements: 110-220VAC or 12V & 24V batteries

Pan Range: 360

Tilt Range: 270

Roll Range: 360 Available Soon

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