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6000 Series Endoscopic Lens System with internal lightsource.

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The first InnoVision tubular lens system, designed for the most extreme close-ups possible.


This lens system extends the realm of the tabletop and product shooting by providing access to hard-to-get-to areas never before photographed with conventional film lenses. Get dramatic effects shooting objects as minute as bristles of a tooth brush or computer chips.

The 6ooo Series Lens System features a selection of three lens barrels, the Focusing Relay Module, and the Light Source. Interchangeable lens mounts allow compatibility with popular Video, 16mm and 35mm cameras.

The Lens Barrel

Probably the most unique lens barrel system commercially available, each lens features: a 9/16 wide x 18 long lens barrel. The diagram illustrates the array of viewing angles available including: Direct, 45, and 90 for optimum viewing even in hard-to-reach locations. The optics are made of high-resolution laser cut and polished glass components to suit the needs of cinema and video production. Fully sealed, the 6000 Series Lens barrels are immersible in liquids such as: oil-based fuels, mineral oils or salt water.

The Focusing Relay Module

Focusing and mounting of the 6000 Series Lenses is the function of the Focusing Relay Module. Available in either 35mm or Video/16mm varieties, both interface to any of the 6000 lens barrels. A mounting disc on the rear of the Relay accepts an array of interchangeable camera adapters. A geared focusing ring provides focus control. Filters may be added onto the threaded adapter ring between the Relay and the camera.

The MV2000 Light Source

For shooting in extremely low-light conditions, the 6000 lenses are equipped with fiber optics built into each barrel which provide internal daylight color temperature light through each lens. Employing the latest fiber optics technology, light is transmitted down through the end of the lens barrel via the 10 foot liquid light guide cable from the Light Source. A mechanical shutter in the Light Source provides for variable light intensity.

Key Specifications

Speed: 35mm-T45, Video/16mm-T30

Field of View:35mm: field of view is equal to a 33mm lens.
Video/16mm: field of view is equal to a 20mm lens.

Focus: Focusing Relay permits focusing from 4mm to infinity.

Lens Housing: Constructed of chrome oxide plated stainless steel.

Mount: Interchangeable camera mount adapters accept popular Video, 16mm & 35mm cameras.

Lens Barrels (Direct Angle, 90 & 45): 9/16 wide x 18 long
Focusing Relay: 4 long x 3 diameter
Light Source: 11.5 wide x 6 high x 12 deep

Lens Barrels (Direct, 90 or 45): 1 lb.
Focusing Relay: 1 lb.
Light Source: 20lbs.

Download the Product Sheet in PDF format (Requires PDF Reader)

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