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Spintec Lightweight Rain Deflectors.

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Spintec 105mm Rain Deflectors
Spintec lightweight rain deflectors allow shooting in the rain without stopping the camera to clear the lens.

Daily Rental Prices
Spintec RD105 kit complete with camera cover, power cables and step down rings as required. $ 175.00
Sales Pricing
RD105 105mm Rain Deflector System
       Includes RD105A and RD105C
RD105A 105mm Rain Deflector only
       Includes RDP, RD105F, RD105S
RD105C Spare Camera Cover $270.00
RD105S Spare Sun Shade $225.00
RD105F Spare Filter Glass $298.00
RDP Spare Power Cable Stripped Leads $140.00
RDP1 Power Cable 4 Pin XLR $165.00
RDP2 Sony 4 Pin Hirose Power Cable $180.00
RDP3 Anton Bauer Hot Shoe Power Cable $210.00
RDP4 Arri 11 Pin Fisher Power Cable $250.00
RDP5 Arri 12V 2 Pin Lemo Power Cable $230.00
RDP6 Red One 12V 4 Pin Lemo Power Cable $230.00

Special 105mm Lens Brackets
Lens Support Brackets are available to fit most lenses.
RDB105MR 105mm Mounting Ring $ 150.00
RDB15LW 15mm Lightweight Rod Bracket $ 160.00
RDB15ST 15mm Studio Rod Bracket $ 230.00
RDB19 19mm Rod Bracket $ 230.00
RD105-B48 Fujinon A10 x 4.8 Mounting Ring $ 235.00
RD105-B52 Canon J9A x 5.2 Mounting Ring $ 235.00

105mm Step Down Rings
Choose the proper step down rings for your lenses.
RD105-S100 RD105 Step down to 100mm $ 85.00
RD105-S98 RD105 Step down to 98mm $ 85.00
RD105-S95 RD105 Step down to 95mm $ 85.00
RD105-S94 RD105 Step down to 94mm $ 85.00
RD105-S90 RD105 Step down to 90mm $ 85.00
RD105-S87 RD105 Step down to 87mm $ 85.00
RD105-S86 RD105 Step down to 86mm $ 85.00
RD105-S85 RD105 Step down to 85mm $ 85.00
RD105-S80 RD105 Step down to 80mm $ 85.00

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