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Birdy Remote Pan & Tilt Head

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Birdy Remote Pan & Tilt Heads
Lightweight Pan & Tilt heads accept most common DV and HDV type cameras and allow you to mount a camera in creative places.
VR-2001 Birdy 2-Axis Kit $Call for Price
VR-2002 Birdy 3-Axis Kit $Call for Price
VR-1030 Birdy Pan & Tilt Head $Call for Price
VR-1007 2 Axes Joystick $Call for Price
VR-1032 3 Axes Joystick with LANC $Call for Price
VR-1040 4 Head Controller $Call for Price
VR-1031 AC Power Supply $133.00
VR-1037 Field Battery Kit $500.00
VR-1017 Battery $266.00
VR-1035 Battery Cable $126.00
VR-1036 Battery Charger $233.00
P-1450 Shipping Case $206.00
P-1500 Shipping Case $233.00
VR-0393 Wall Mounting Bracket $260.00
VR-0382 4" Camera Mounting Place $319.00
VR-0381 7" Camera Mounting Plate $346.00
VR-1009 20 ft. Cable $166.00
VR-1010 50 ft. Cable $193.00
VR-1011 100 ft. Cable $246.00
VR-1012 150 ft. Cable $298.00
ZC-3DV LANC Zoom & Record Control $193.00
VZ-EXTL20 20 ft. LANC Entension Cable $73.00
VZ-EXTL50 50 ft. LANC Extension Cable $87.00
VZ-EXTL100 100 ft. LANC Entension Cable $106.00
VZ-EXTL150 150 ft. LANC Extension Cable $298.00

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