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Innovision announces the new High Definition (HD) Probe Lens System for high def video cameras

3/29/01, Santa Monica, California

Innovision Optics Premieres the First High Definition Probe Lens System at NAB 2001 in Booth 11568

Innovision Optics Inc., manufacturer of specialized video camera equipment, announces the new High Definition (HD) Probe Lens System for high definition video cameras.

The new HD Probe lens is truly the first-of-its-kind lens system made specifically for high definition production. The speed of the lens is T3.3.

The system’s unique interchangeable straight and 90 degree periscope attachments allow the operators to shoot from an ultra low perspective. The HD Probe’s underwater capability adds a new dimension to electronic cinematography. It is ideal for all high-end video productions.

The HD Probe lens system incorporates a 15” long lens barrel with a diameter of just 1.7” (42mm). Five prime lenses (5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 17mm and 23mm) are interchangeable at the front mount.

The HD Probe is built from the finest glass elements and relay optics for images with remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness, flat field, and extreme depth of field. State-of-the-art multiple lens coatings provide sharp, low dispersion images.

Innovision Optics pioneered the original Probe lens system and a wide range of camera lenses, motion control and camera support equipment.

See HD Probe and other innovations at NAB 2001 at booth # 11568.

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