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Innovision-Optics presents the new ROLLVISION
Wireless Gyro-Stabilized Camera System

2/1/01, Santa Monica, California

ROLLVISION offers the film and video production community a versatile camera system that revolutionizes camera support platforms.

Innovision Optics is the worldwide distributor of ROLLVISION, the first wireless 3-axes, gyro-stabilized camera system that features 360º roll, 180º tilt, and 360º pan, for various camera support platforms.

The lightweight, compact easy-to-use, and portable system weighs a total of 30 pounds with fully loaded camera inside. The system supports 35 mm, 16mm, and Video Cameras. ROLLVISION’s complete wireless system allows easy movements at a 500-1000 feet range. ROLLVISION’s state of the art design also comes with a removable sphere head cover that protects the camera system from damage to keep your shots daring but worry free.
Popular products such as cameracars, cranes and RadCam have recently been outfitted with the ROLLVISION system generating excellent results. ROLLVISION’s universal mounts can also be placed on cranes, jib arms, tripods, camera cars, dollies, and tracking, rail and cable systems. The entire ROLLVISION package offers the production community a cost-effective and versatile method to obtain amazing shots that would otherwise be impossible.

Innovision Optics, Inc. is currently offering sales and rentals of ROLLVISION at their showroom. At NAB 2001, come see ROLLVISION at booth 11568. For more information on ROLLVISION line of products, please contact Mark Centkowski at phone: 310-394-5510, fax: 310-395-2941, e-mail: mark@innovision-optics.com , website: www.innovision-optics.com.

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