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Innovision Installs Vertical Camera Tracking (VCT) System Into New 24-hour TV Network in Poland 

1/15/05, Warszawa, Poland

View from Camera

Innovision traveled to Warsaw, Poland to install the Vertical Camera Tracking (VCT) system into the brand new TVN 24 cable news network. Innovisionís VCT system is mounted on a wall and consists of a camera platform mounted to a vertical rail that travels up and down a vertical track. Capable of five axes of movement that includes pan, tilt, lens focus, and zoom, the VCT features 10 pre-settable camera positions, a three meter vertical track, and a traveling speed of one meter per second. Operated by a touch screen panel controller, the VCT allows for manual or programmable movement during on-air broadcast.

Vertical CamThe recently constructed TVN 24 broadcast facility features leading-edge production technology and news gathering systems that have yet to be used in any other TV news network in the world. Innovision installed the VCT in the lobby of TVN 24ís broadcast studio.
Control Panel
Within a few months the VCT will be integrated into a Radamec control system.


For more information about the Vertical Camera Tracking System contact Innovision-Optics at 1-310-453-4866.

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