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Innovision Installs Super Shuttle Camera Tracking System at CNN Headline News

4/9/00, Atlanta, Georgia

Innovision Optics announces the installation of itís Super Shuttle Camera Track System at CNN Headline News Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The Shuttle transports a digital broadcast camera along a custom 102-foot monorail track through three separate studios.

Headline News viewers are treated to multiple angles from a single camera and fresh points of view by "flying" the camera along track mounted on the ceiling throughout the facility. Doing the work of multiple cameras it feeds segues of studio and anchor talent on-call, 24/7. These dramatic in-studio transitions are used regularly between news blocks in each of three studios where the track snakes above dozen of journalists, reporters and technicians.

Straight and curved sections of track support the camera package at a speed up to 1.5 meters (5ft.) per second. The Shuttle uses a Panasonic AWE600 Camera and Canon H15x6 lens. The functions of pan, tilt, focus, zoom and shuttle for the camera are adjusted remotely via the joystick control panel called the Ranger.

Additional features include control panels in two separate studios each with pre-programmed functions and position indicators to show the Shuttle location on the track.

Innovisionís Super Shuttle provides extremely accurate control so an operator can program camera positions using all axis and camera functions. After programming, camera moves are repeatable with one-touch automation.

For more information on the Super Shuttle Camera Track System, contact Innovision Optics.

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