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Probe Lenses Photos of Probe lenses in action.

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Probe lenses can provide these kinds of extremely low angle views.

Abad Rosa likes the Probe lenses on his Steadicam rig. He is shown here shooting a PSA.

(Gato Inc)

Kevin Emmons using a Probe for an underwater reveal shot for a toy commercial.

Digital Dimensions in Austraia has fabricated this underwater housing for the Probe lens. They report that they are using it to 1/2 Atmoshepere of depth or about 15 feet.

(Digital Dimensions)

Our snake picture: If that were a real snake, you would be happy you have a probe lens keeping you a little farther away from him.

Gary Wright looking at the depth of field while testing our HD probe lens.

(3E Media)

Video Probe II+ in use on a jib arm reaching out over an architectural model.

(Visual Innovations)

6000 series being used looking down the barrel of a gun.

HD Probe shooting a fine woodworking documentary.

(Craft in America)

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