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C.A.M.S. MD Photos of C.A.M.S. MD in action.

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CAMS MD in 3 Axes configuration.

Monitor roll feaure to assist in framing while off axis.

MD heads easily transport in soft or hard cases.

2 cases cover head and all accessories at your mounting location.

CAMS MD after the big game.

High in the rafters at San Siro.

Trackside at a Nascar race.

More Nascar action.

MD head follows the skier down the ramp at a high jump event in Engelberg, Switzerland.

MD head in a TV Studio application.

Close up of the 2 axes CAMS MD Head.

MD "Bullet" high speed tracking system.

Another view of the MD "Bullet" system.

MD Head perched high above pit lane at Imola for the Formula 1 races.

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