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Radcam Remote control camera cars.

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Completely wireless, Radcam is capable of moving fast enough to keep pace with a sprinting dog. Fully adjustable four wheel independent suspension lets it move just as quickly over rough or uneven terrain. Speed and steering are adjusted via radio controller.
Feature Films
   Columbia Pictures
Stuart Little II
Flintstones II
   Dreamworks SKG
Small Soldiers
   Grammercy Pictures
The Big Lebowski
   20th Century Fox
Home Alone III
   Dole Productions
Tyco Ninja
Radio Shack
   Rainbow Communications
Skate Office Furniture
Tyco RC
   Zuma Moon Productions
New Balance
   Electric Avenue
Radio Shack "Chasing Dad"
   Electric Avenue
Radio Shack "Teddy"
Chevy Truck
   M 80
Chef Boyardee
   Plum Productions
Armstrong Floors
   Area 51 Films
City National Bank
   Ritts Hayden
Taco Bell
   Farmland Studios
Island Resort
7 Eleven
   Monkey Shine
Music Videos
Wu Tang Clan "Triumph"
   C Front
Apollo 440
   Dept of Film
Li' Romeo
Kathy Mattea "Rocket 455"
Senseless acts of Video
   Kappa Video
Southern California Gas Company
   Thomas Demand
   MTV 100 Greatest Videos

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