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Probe I Tubular Lens System with interchangeable lenses.

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Probe I
Probe’s unique design incorporates a 19” long by 1.3” diameter lens barrel which lets you move further inside or closer alongside a product than with conventional lenses. Now you can shoot over, under, around & through objects with extreme depth of field. The Probe lens system offers viewing in either dedicated direct or 90° angles.
Feature Films
Nutty Professor II
   Cole & Co.
   Future Thunder
Flying Lure
   Gear Monkey
Easton Bats
   King & I
United Commercial Banks
   Kupfer & Co.
Cavern Hotel
   Lone Wolf
   Nouveau Richards
   Team Video International
TLC Promo
   Magic Hour Inc.
Roto Matic
Television Shows
   Viacom Inc.
Murder They Wrote
   ABC News
Corporate - Industrial Video  
   Mag Instrument
Industrial Inspection
   Mattel Creative
Polly Pop n' Rock
   Zystar Films
Honda pilot
Documentary & PSA
   Pangolin Pictures
Discovery "Tarantulas"
   Kappa Studios ESPN Century
   Pangolin Pictures Phobias

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