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C.A.M.S. Computer Aided Movie System

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C.A.M.S. is a remote head system which allows a cameraperson to operate a camera from a distance with totally fluid digitally controlled movement.
   Ferrari Formula 1 Factory commercial Moranello, Italy  
   Mercedes Benz commercial  
   Porsche commercial Sicily, Italy  
   Alfa Romeo commercial Manea, Italy  
   Underwater CAMS commercial Malta, Italy  
   Commercial with Pavarotti  
   Mont Saint Michel, France commercial  
   Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Monta, Italy  
   World Cup France 1998  
   UEFA Champions Soccer League International cities matches  
   Cross Country Ski World Cup Valtellina, Italy  
   Lillehammer Olympic Games  
   World Championship Sledding Saint Moritz, Switzerland  
   World Championship Shooting Lugano, Switzerland  
   Swimming Championship Norway  
   Marathon Piazza Del Duomo Milan, Italy  
Live Production  
   San Remo Italian Song Festival (20 million viewers)  
   Bellinzona Festival Switzerland  
   Miss Italia Pageant Salsomaggiore, Italy  
   Rail CAMS San Remo Festival  
   Locarno Cathedral Switzerland  
   Fashion show Piazza Di Spagna Rome Italy  
   Pavarotti & Friends ’99 benefit concert  
   Floor CAMS Florence, Italy  
   Mediaset Group Italian Network  
   “La Scala” Milano, Italy  
   Italian singer concert  
   Pavarotti and Friends benefit concert 1999  
   Lugano, Switzerland concert  
   Michaelangelo’s David Florence, Italy  
   Blade Warriors U.S. production  
   Gigantic's production of American Headcharge music video  

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